Sunday, October 19, 2008

1st Annual Chili Bowl

It's official the first annual Chili Bowl is set for Saturday Nov. 8th!

Everything kicks off at 11:00am and for those folks still waking up at that hour we will have coffee!

The ten contestants participating in the contest are:

Jill and Wes of Moxie Catering
Sarah of Curious Pixel - a marketing company
Beth of Succotash in the City Market
Randy with the KCK Police Dept
Ed with Autochlor
Scott of the Public Levee
Stephane Suetos host of "Uniquely Kansas City"
Holly of the Leedy-Voulkos Art Center
Joy of Nosh Catering
Broadway Roasting Co. in Midtown

I am so excited about the talented people who are participating - it should be an extremely fun event!

The cafe is located at 1315 Fairfax Trafficway KCK 66115.

If you are coming from downtown KCMO take 70W (not 670) and get off on the Fairfax Dist. exit. The cafe is located across from the Bartlett Grain Elevator right before the stop light.

Ballots for the contest cost $10 - it provides the judge with a soda, cornbread, a sample of each of the 10 chilis and a cup of their favorite chili.

Please invite friends and family to judge the contest!

Let's Celebrate this Chilly Chili season with good music, great food, and fabulous people!


Anonymous said...

i believe we mean november 8th

songbird cafe said...

we do mean november - oops, I'll change that!

Stephy-Lou said...

that was FUN! I can't wait for next year.

2008 Champion Steph S.

Scott said...

I just aced my office chili cookoff. Perhaps this recipe is ready for the big time next year :)