Sunday, March 15, 2009

Unexpected Gifts

What feels more like Christmas than Christmas itself?... UNEXPECTED GIFTS! This past week has been full of them.

For example, on Thursday afternoon around closing time three lovely people stopped by the cafe doing research for a book in progress. Jodi - a talented photographer and proprietress of Studio B in the Crossroads - snapped some photos while we chatted and I made their coffees. I love seeing the cafe through new eyes!

I'll accept the every now and then when life showers you with surprises - thank you thank you thank you.


Jodi Vander Woude said...

How exciting to read about our adventure in your cafe. We are still talking about it and the kindness you showed and the great coffee! You will be in our hidden secrets of Kansas City for sure : )
Your blog is beautiful and one I will check often. Thank you for your support of the artist community!
warmest wishes

kerrey said...

No doubt the hippest cafe in KC!
Cool Court.
KBB and KMB in Lexington, NE